Rangoon Tea House

Tea - The drink of champions. We drink tanks of the stuff, so when we heard that a new tea house had opened, we were literally gasping to check it out. Rangoon Tea House occupies a capacious space on the first floor of a beautiful colonial building on Pansodan Road, and is a modern take on a traditional Burmese tea house. With 12 blends of tea on the menu, served both hot (1,500 Kyats) or cold (2,000 Kyats), you should be able to find one that suits – we love the smooth and strong Pawt Kya, but if you prefer something sweeter, try the Cho Saint.

Food has always been central to tea house culture in Burma, and the menu at Rangoon Tea House is reflective of the diversity of Burmese cuisine. The organic Mohinga (5,000 Kyats) was excellent – it had a depth of flavour that only the freshest ingredients would yield, and the Rangoon samosas (2,500 Kyats) with their delicious tamarind dipping sauce are worth shouting about. Once you’ve left the restaurant that is. Ok, so the mango pickled pork curry set (10,000 Kyats) was nothing to right home about, but frankly we were too busy fighting over the last pieces of lip smacking Burmese vegetable tempura, which came with a fine homemade tartare sauce (4,000 Kyats), to really care much.

We are predicting big things for Rangoon Tea House. Run there now.


77 Pansodan Road (Lower Block), First Floor, Kyauktada Township, Yangon

T: 095178329

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